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Project objectives


The main objective of the LIFE Climate CAKE PL project is to develop a sustainable and comprehensive system for creating and exchanging information, to support the efficient implementation of EU climate and energy policies. Such a system will support decision-making processes and enhance the potential competences of relevant administrations to implement those policies, in particular GHG emission reductions and the transition towards a low-emission economy in Poland.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Build a comprehensive toolkit, based on a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model combined with interlinked sectoral models (energy, transport and agriculture), for assessing the measures proposed at Member State and EU levels, taking into account a country’s sectoral dimensions;
  • Provide high-quality information about the impacts of measures implemented under EU energy and climate policies, using analytical tools developed as part of the project;
  • Deliver this high-quality information to public administrations, private entities and the general public; and
  • Raise the environmental awareness of the public, with particular consideration given to climate and energy policies, by widely disseminating the project information.

The Centre for Climate and Energy Analyses (CAKE) will be established to support achieving these objectives and to guarantee the sustainability of the project. The CAKE will comprise a team of experts, use the analytical toolkit and further analyses’ development, and support the stakeholder network, with the aim at continuously generated information to assist in decision-making beyond the project completion.


Project „System of providing and disseminating information in order to support the strategic implementation of climate and energy policy (LIFE Climate CAKE PL)” is financed from EU funds through the LIFE programme and co-financed from national funds by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.